Xbox will be an important part of Square Enix’s new “aggressive” multiplatform strategy


For a long time, Square Enix seemed to have forgotten Xbox as one of the most important markets in which to release its franchises. Although the most talked about within the studio has always been the exclusivity that the Final Fantasy saga has obtained in relation to PlayStation consoles, the truth is that the company has also made numerous exclusive works for Nintendo Switch, with Microsoft’s platform being the most relegated of the three.

However, Square Enix’ s recent financial results have not pleased the company’s top management, who believe that there should have been much higher profits than those seen in recent quarters, with economic “hits” such as Final Fantasy XVI or Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. Faced with this, the company has confirmed that there will be a change in strategy going forward, that from now on they will be more aggressive in multiplatform content.

Xbox será una parte importante de la nueva y "agresiva" estrategia multiplataforma de Square Enix

Square Enix will be more aggressive with multiplatform games, expanding to Xbox, Nintendo and PlayStation.

It has been through a document published by the company itself where this change of course has been confirmed. Specifically, they have said that, from now on, there will be a new and “aggressive” multiplatform strategy for its AAA titles and franchises, in order to ensure that its productions reach as many customers as possible.

For HD titles, the Group will aggressively pursue a multiplatform strategy that includes Nintendo, PlayStation, Xbox and PC platforms. Especially, for major franchises and AAA titles, including catalog titles, it will build an environment where more customers can enjoy our titles.

In addition, it will also design a platform strategy for SD titles that includes not only iOS and Android, but also the possibility of PC releases. In addition, the Group will strive to maximize the acquisition of new users when launching a title and that of recurring users after starting game operation management.

As we can see, mention is also made of the mobile market, ensuring that it will try to reach as many users as possible. However, what is really interesting is the expansion of the company’s business in the world of consoles, as it seems that from now on Square Enix’s big AAA games will also be present on Xbox, something that will start with Visions of Mana.