Xbox is testing a way to improve the wallpapers of the Xbox Series interface.


The commitment that Microsoft has always had with the community to improve the Xbox Series interface is something that catches no one by surprise. Since the current-generation consoles hit the market, the company has released several updates with the aim of improving the appearance of the console menu, with new features ranging from redesigning it to incorporating 4K resolution, something that was not available at launch.

Many of the new features that end up reaching end users first go through the Xbox Insider program, and it appears that a new feature related to Xbox wallpapers has recently been added to it. Tom Warren, reputable journalist for The Verge, has shown via his X account how the new version of the Xbox Series UI works.

Interfaz de Xbox Series

The new Xbox Series UI feature improves the wallpaper feature.

As we can see, the new Xbox interface feature allows the possibility to enable the wallpapers of any game along with all the dynamic or static backgrounds offered by the console. In the image you have just above these lines, you can see how the art of ‘Fallout 4‘ appears when we have selected the game, as it happens when other titles such as ‘Destiny 2’, ‘Sea of Thieves’ or ‘Pentiment’ are selected.

To activate this new feature, the first of all is to be part of the Xbox Insider program. Once that’s done, we’ll have to go to the “Settings” > “General” > “Personalization” > “My wallpaper” > “Show selected game art”. Once we enable that, the Xbox Series interface, or rather the artwork we see on it, will change depending on the game we are selecting.

It is important to note that this is a feature that much of the Xbox community was asking for when Redmond was still trying to find the best for its new interface. The good news is that it is something that is already here, and we do not think it will take long to reach end users.