Xbox is “really confident” with Xbox Games Showcase 2024


The Xbox Games Showcase 2024 promises to be one of the best events that Microsoft has had in the last five years. Not so much because of the amount of new products that may be shown, of which we know little or nothing with only a month to go, but because of the large number of games that could be present, even if they have already been announced.

Xbox has in the pipeline a large number of games that have already been previously announced, and that could receive really interesting news in the Xbox Games Showcase 2024. Jez Corden, the well-known member of Windows Central, has spoken about the event, who through his X account has assured that Microsoft is “really confident” about this summer’s event.

Xbox Games Showcase 2024

Xbox Games Showcase 2024 promises to be one of Microsoft’s best events ever

Corden has shared several news about some projects that are underway in Redmond, such as State of Decay 3. The game developed by Undead Labs was announced years ago, but since then we have not received any news about its status. However, the journalist claims that The Coalition has been working closely with the studio to help it with the tools it had been using in its projects.

Speaking of The Coalition, he also weighed in on the upcoming Gears 6, which there are strong rumors that we could see later this year at the company’s event. Apparently, the end of the new trilogy looks really spectacular, something that goes in line with the time we’ve had to wait to hear about it.

Finally, Corden also mentions Clockwork Revolution, the InXile Entertainment game that reminds a lot of Bioshock Infinite, and whose impressions from Xbox could not be more positive. In fact, it is very likely that the game will receive its official release date during the Xbox Games Showcase 2024, so we will have to be very attentive to the Microsoft event.