Xbox Game Pass to reach 200 million subscribers in 10 years, according to well-known industry figure


The number of Xbox Game Pass subscribers is something that has been on everyone’s lips, both supporters and detractors of the service, interpreting official figures as appropriate. The last figure we had was that the service had surpassed 30 million subscribers, which was a growth of 13% over the previous year, and which is a boost to try to achieve the goal Microsoft had set for the subscription service, which would be to reach 100 million subscribers in 10 years.

Although it may seem a high figure, the truth is that an authoritative voice within the industry has assured that this figure will fall far short of what the Xbox service will actually achieve. This was stated by Michael Patcher, one of the most important analysts in the industry, through the latest episode of Patchet Factor, where he assured that Xbox Game Pass will reach 200 million subscribers in 10 years.

Michael Patcher says Xbox Game Pass will reach 200 million subscribers by 2034

According to Patcher, this figure would be taking into account Xbox Game Pass Core (formerly Xbox Live Gold), something that, at least for the moment, Redmond would not have counted to provide data on the number of Xbox Game Pass subscribers. The analyst has spoken at length on the matter, and explained why he believes Microsoft hasn’t accounted for those users with the latest Xbox Game Pass update.

Their Xbox Live Gold membership was 50 million. Their Game Pass membership number was 25 million, and then when they changed the way they reported Core, the number went to 34. Why didn’t it go to 75? Why didn’t it go to 50? It didn’t because whoever reported that they were counting Xbox Live Gold members as part of Game Pass was misreporting it. Repentant. It’s just not right. Xbox Live Gold membership hasn’t gone down. That’s not how they’re telling it.

When we start getting Activision Blizzard games, I expect subscribers will. I think Game Pass is going to become huge. I think the number is going to be over 200 million subscribers. I’ve been saying that in the next 10 years, I think they’ll hit 200 million and I’ll make that bet with anybody. I promise you I would bet on 200 million in the next 10 years. They’re that committed to it.

I don’t think the new subscribers have dried up. The big acquisitions were really just Bethesda, which is starting to show some traction, and then Activision, which doesn’t have traction yet because the first title hasn’t come out. Come back and ask me that question a year from now, once they have Call of Duty out there.

So Michael Patcher seems pretty confident that Xbox Game Pass will reach 200 million subscribers, with arguments that make all the sense in the world. Adding the 75 million figure to the more than 30 million that Xbox Game Pass had, the service would have already surpassed 100 million, and it would not be unreasonable that, when franchises like Call of Duty arrive, the service will grow tremendously over the next 10 years.