Xbox confirms how we will be affected by the closure of the Xbox 360 store, which will take place next July


The Xbox 360 store will close next July. At the end of summer 2023, Microsoft confirmed that this closure would occur during the summer that is about to begin, specifically from next July 29, 2024. Given the closeness of the date, those in Redmond have sent a reminder to all Xbox users about this important change, and shed some more light on what we can expect once it happens.

While we knew pretty much everything we needed to know about the closure of the Xbox 360 store, a few pieces of information have been shared that are important to note. Most importantly, Microsoft has confirmed that everything available on the Xbox 360 store, from games, demos and even items for our avatar, will disappear from the store once the date arrives.

Xbox cerrará la store de Xbox 360

Microsoft sheds light on the imminent closing of the Xbox 360 store

From Redmond they invite us that, if there are any of these elements that we want to keep in our console, it will be necessary that the players download it before July 29. In addition, it is also the same with the redeemable codes for Xbox 360. In the hypothetical case that you still have some at home, it will be necessary that you redeem them before the date indicated, because if you try to do it at a later date, you will lose those that you wanted to redeem. However, it is mentioned that “gift cards and subscription cards will not be affected”.

As shared in August 2023, as of July 29, 2024, the Microsoft Store on Xbox 360 and will no longer support purchases. This includes games, trials, add-ons, avatar items, apps, gamer images, game trailers and videos. It also includes purchases such as Xbox 360 gamertag changes, Game Pass Core subscriptions, in-game purchases and Microsoft Films & TV. Games and content purchased prior to that date will continue to play as intended and content reloads will continue to be supported with owned content.

Another important aspect, and it is one that had gamers most on edge, is that Xbox 360 backward compatible games will still be available for purchase once the store closes. How? Well, through, where they will still be available for purchase on Xbox One, Xbox X Series and Xbox S Series. In addition, it is mentioned that it will also be possible to continue playing them on Xbox 360.

Therefore, if there is something from the Xbox 360 store that you want to keep on your console, the only thing we can tell you is that you hurry to download it as soon as possible, because once it closes on July 29, you will not be able to do it again.