X-Men: Possible death of a major character reportedly leaked

X-Men is one of the main character, story and action lines that drives the Marvel Universe. A shocking final death within the group could change the future of the group. And not just their future, but the organization’s present and past as well.

All Marvel and X-Men fans know that we are facing one of the most important franchises within the already extensive catalog that the saga offers us. The Krakoa era completely rewrote the history and legacy of the X-Men so far. In fact we have to focus on the character of Moira.

X-Men: La posible muerte de un personaje importante habría sido filtrada

This powerful Artificial Intelligence has the ability to revive and go back in time every time she is defeated by the X-Men. So much so, that she herself admits that in one timeline, she manages to wipe out the entire X-Men.

This revelation of Moira to Xavier makes him go to Magneto and create Krakoa, a safe city for all X-Men to shelter from the rise of the AI. However the so-called Orchis mutant massacre killed many X-Men.