Why would Bleach bring Yamamoto back?

Bleach’ s epic “Thousand-Year Blood War” arc has made such an amazing digital leap that even the spirits in the Rukongai are commenting. Thanks to Studio Pierrot bringing this anime to life with a professionalism that would make a Hollow freak out.

Remember Yamamoto’s death? It was like a punch in the face to see this great leader fall at the hands of Yhwach. A moment that left all Shinigami with their mouths hanging open.

But wait, Yamamoto might be back? Tite Kubo, the genius behind Bleach, has dropped a hint on the Klub Outside platform.

Yamamoto returns: Bleach creator announces a new chapter

Shigekuni Yamamoto is one of the most powerful characters in the entire Bleach universe. And we don’t say so, the plot, the fans and even the neighbor say so.

He was the supreme boss of the Soul Society. He was like the founder of the Gotei 13, and basically had remote control of the spirit world. But that’s not all. Yamamoto had a Bankai that would make even the bravest warriors tremble, as he would wipe out everything in his path.

But, even the greatest have their low moments. That’s how Yhwach and his Quincys decided to invade the Sereitei. Yamamoto did not stoop for nothing and went to fight without hesitation.

Unfortunately, Yamamoto’s power was not enough. Yes, he fell to Yhwach’s vengeance.

Though perhaps that would not be the end of Yamamoto. Tite Kubo has dropped a bombshell: he might be thinking of drawing a new short featuring our beloved hero.

How do we know. It turns out that user @bleachscans, that guy who’s always one step ahead, revealed Tite Kubo’s statements in hopes that we might see how Yamamoto and Unohana met.

So, who knows? Maybe we’ll see Yamamoto back soon. It looks like our beloved shinigami might have a new story to tell us about his past.