Where Winds Meet is shown in an extensive gameplay from beta


In the 2022 edition of Gamescom we could see Where Winds Meet, a very striking action game that comes from a small studio that wanted to show it in society. It has been a long time since that announcement, and it surprises us again with an extensive gameplay that gives an account of its proposal without cuts or filters. And there is nothing better than one of these videos to avoid finding an adulterated product in a trailer.

And the truth is that we find a quite striking game that seeks to delve into these open world experiences and multiple combats. It even shows the need to face certain puzzles and make decisions around a story that has yet to be resolved.

With this gameplay of Where Winds Meet we observe in detail this new action proposal.

The video comes from the studio itself, Everstone Games, which wanted to show its proposal in depth. And the truth is that this gameplay exceeds any usual promotion, as we are talking about a video of several hours directly exposing the gameplay. A gameplay that may remindmany of the famous Ghost of Tsushimathat prepares its launch on PC. Obviously, the gameplay is taken from a beta version, which makes us assume that it does not represent the final quality of the product, and maybe not even the quality of the product at the current stage of development.

However, the truth is that Where Winds Meet looks spectacular and the proposal promises a lot. From taking that reference cited, being a really interesting game to enjoy, what you have to pay attention to are aspects that can be seen, although not in all its splendor. Both exploration, puzzles, story and its missions, as well as combat, can be seen in a video that exposes the proposal.

A combat that looks very agile, but that allows to expose one of the qualities of the title, where the studio assured that each user will be able to define their own combat style. Something that can serve to give that personalized touch to the experience, unlike Sucker Punch’s game. In Where Winds Meet, you will play as a hero shaped by chaos and embark on a chivalric journey full of dangers and confrontations. A story, quests and many experiences will be offered, where character creation and customization have a special value .

Other interesting features that were confirmed to be found in the game, is a construction tool with up to 600 pieces that recreate ancient structures, linked to the setting. In this way, it is intended to emphasize interaction with the setting, although we do not get to understand what will be the purpose of this tool.

Where Winds Meet se muestra en un extenso gameplay desde la beta

The biggest problem is that there is no concrete information about its release. Neither by platforms, nor by release date, assuming that the first thing would be to consider a PC version that can then make the leap to consoles. Will we see Where Winds Meet at an event this summer confirmed for Xbox? What is certain is that it would be an interesting proposal.