Where to watch the 1100th episode of the One Piece anime: Date, times and more

The 1100th episode of the One Piece anime will premiere in a few days, and it is obviously leaving the vast majority of fans with expectations sky high. For Luffy’s story is at a momentous moment.

The Straw Hat crew will face challenges that have long been present in the franchise. In fact, we already know more details about the premiere date of the anime itself, as well as the schedule and some quick and important facts about the 1100th chapter of the One Piece anime.

Dónde ver el capítulo 1100 del anime de One Piece: Fecha, horarios y más

For starters, on Sunday, April 7, 2024, the next chapter will premiere. This is the official release schedule:

  • Spain – 10:30h
  • Mexico – 02:30h
  • Colombia – 03:30h
  • Peru – 03:30h
  • Argentina – 05:30h
  • Chile – 05:30h

We also know that the title of the One Piece episode is: “Powers on a different scale, Luffy vs. Lucci!”.

And we will be able to enjoy the episode on two different platforms. Either on Crunchyroll, which will be available practically at the same time it premieres in Japan; or opt for Netflix’s subscription service, although it will arrive with a few days delay. So choose the option that is most useful or economical for you depending on what you watch each month.

We also invite you to read all the One Piece arcs and sagas to learn more about Eiichiro Oda‘s story.