Where and when to watch Frieren: Episode 17

“Frieren,” the fantasy adventure anime, is preparing for the release of episode 17 on January 5, 2023. After a short break for the fall season. The series has concluded its Part 1 and will embark on its Part 2, keeping viewers expectant about the fate of the group of protagonists.

The episode, titled “Take Care of Yourself,” brings up the uncertainty of Sein’s decision to join or abandon his fellow travelers. This dilemma suggests a possible separation from the group, which could generate different reactions among the series’ fans. The maturity that Sein’s character has brought to the group could be at risk, and the audience is waiting to find out how this plot will play out.

The scheduled date and time for the premiere of episode 17 is Friday, January 5 at 5:00 pm in Spain, while in other time zones it will be shown at 9:00 am in Mexico, 10:00 am in Colombia, 11:00 am in Venezuela, 12:00 pm in Chile and Argentina. The broadcast will be available through Crunchyroll, the streaming service.

Although details about the second season, such as the producer, distributor, director and screenwriter, have not yet been confirmed. The news of the continuation of Frieren and its 17th chapter has generated expectations among fans, who are awaiting more information during the course of 2024.

The series has so far adapted 21 chapters of the manga, covering volume 4. While the manga has 12 volumes and 117 chapters,leaving room for future seasons if the success of the series persists.