What is the worst Fallout shelter?


The dystopian world created by the Fallout saga has always found the Wasteland to be the most hostile place to live in, or at least that is the popular belief. The truth is that, as we have seen in the games of the saga, and to a lesser extent in the Amazon Prime series, Fallout shelters often carry out unethical experiments, courtesy of the company Vaultec.

Many of these shelters carry out inhumane practices, but if we talk about the worst Fallout shelter, one that wins many integers to achieve that position is Vault-11. As pointed out by GameStar(via 3DJuegos), the shelter that makes an appearance in Fallout New Vegas, of which a possible sequel is already being rumored due to Todd Howard’s latest statements, is one of the most disturbing in the franchise.

peor refugio de fallout

The Vault-11 is the worst Fallout shelter due to its cruelty.

Located in the Mojave Desert, the worst Fallout shelter for many hides a really twisted story. In this shelter, a psychological experiment is carried out in which, each year, the members of the shelter had to submit to a voting system to choose to sacrifice a citizen each year. According to the shelter’s rules, this was a required procedure to achieve survival, but the reality is that it was due to a command that had lost its way, and had chosen this method as entertainment.

Unsurprisingly, these types of decisions negatively affected the inhabitants of Vault-11 as a whole, to the point that many of them lost their sanity, giving way to violent moments within the walls of the Vault-11. This is something that is evident throughout the story of New Vegas, when we read and listen to the testimonies of some of the members of the shelter. The end, as it could not be otherwise, ended up being very tragic for its inhabitants, which serves to consider it as the worst Fallout shelter, or at least one of the worst.