We already have the new free game from Epic Games and we know next week’s free game

Many will already know which is the new free game from Epic Games that we have available for download currently and since last February 22, 2024 in the official store of the company. But that’s not all, because with the announcement of the current new free game, we have information of which one we will claim for next week.

The new free game from Epic Games is Super Meat Boy Forever as confirmed by past leaks, you can claim it right now through the Epic Games client, or from the company’s website. Remember that you need to be logged in and have an active account for it to take effect.

Link to Epic Games Free Games

The game is valued at a price of about 15€ and right now you can claim it forever in your account without spending a single euro.

Aerial Knights Never Yield would be the next title that we would have available for download on February 29, 2024. So if you plan to get this title, wait a couple of days until it is available for free on the Epic Games Store.