Watch out in Dragon&;s Dogma 2: the clock is ticking and so are the quests

There are several types of players, there are those who accept missions without thinking twice and others who prefer to have few. Although if you are of the first group, in Dragon&;s Dogma 2, don&;t think you have all the time in the world, and here we will tell you why.

Dragon&;s Dogma 2: missions against time

In one of the Reddit publications came to light the user Strange_Music, giving to reveal an important detail: having too many open missions can have consequences.

To prove it, this player showed a screenshot of a warning message in Dragon&;s Dogma 2 that reads as follows:

&;The passage of time affects some quests, which will progress even if the Arisen does not intervene. Performing several quests at the same time carries the risk of not being able to act in time, which may have undesirable consequences. Try to take the time factor into account when managing your current quests and undertaking new ones.&;

Taking on too many quests has consequences
byu/Strange_Music inDragonsDogma

There is no doubt that this feature makes Dragon&;s Dogma 2 not lacking in realism.

Through the comments, some Reddit users remember that this great detail was present in the first Baldur&;s Gate.

On the other hand, they also said that in the first Dragon&;s Dogma game it was possible for the player to commit many failures in the side quests if they advanced too far in the main quest.

Dragon&;s Dogma 2 is a third-person action role-playing video game developed by Capcom. On March 22 you will be able to enter a world with dragons and fantasy creatures. Find it on Xbox Series, PS5 and PC.