Vampire Survivors and Contra together in new Operation Guns DLC, available now


We don’t know whether to call them bullet heaven, auto-shooter, survivors-like or something else, but the point is that games like Vampire Survivors enchant us and are able to hook even Phil Spencer himself. Every expansion is good news, so here we are to tell you that Poncle Games has released the new chapter of the Vampire Survivors story : Operation Guns.

This new add-on content, licensed and inspired by the iconic Contra franchise, is available for purchase starting today, May 9, for €2.49. The expansion, backed by Konami, puts us to annihilate the traitor squads with the goal of “rescuing the dog of the sister of the president’s brother-in-law’s sister”. Below, we leave you with the trailer and all the details.

Vampire Survivors: Operation Guns is a nod to Contra fans

And it looks like Konami’s franchise is fitter than ever, not only with its return in Contra: Operation Galuga, but also with the DLC for a title played by millions of “survivors”. Those who purchase the Vampire Survivors: Operation Guns DLC will join Contra Force to defeat Red Falcon’s enemies and face epic challenges. The add-on includes a squad of 11 new heroes and together with them, players must fight their way through maps full of enemies and bosses, with environments and enemies inspired by Konami’s Contra saga.

Operation Guns offers the excitement characteristic of Contra, with a variety of automatic weapons, including missiles, energy weapons and the classic spread. Players can experiment with 22 new weapons and attachments, as well as the ability to evolve experimental weapon prototypes. In addition, the add-on introduces new items that complement the gameplay and offer even more strategies for engaging enemies.

On the other hand, we will find three new biomes to explore: the Galuga Jungle, the Neo-City and the Alien Zone. Each offers unique challenges and breathtaking environments that complement the action. What about new achievements? Well, there is no news, although with so much content and new weapons to evolve, it is to be expected that Poncle will eventually add them.