Unveiled Eternal Strands: Dragon Age creative director’s debut at Yellow Brick Games


In this generation we are witnessing a fairly high creation of veteran creative studios and behind Eternal Strands are developers who have worked for many, many years in the gaming industry. The studio behind the game is Yellow Brick Games, with Mike Laidlaw at the helm after his career in the Dragon Age saga and people who have worked at Ubisoft.

Part of the charm of Eternal Strands lies in this first glimpse that we have obtained thanks to the website IGN as they have had the exclusive of this first trailer. In it we see above what we will find in the journey of Brynn, our protagonist whose destiny is to save his home. We will use our magic tunic to perform skills and advance through the open world.

Eternal Strands has no release date and it is not yet confirmed that it will be translated into Spanish.

Everything indicates that it won’t take long to see Eternal Strands on sale, although it is not confirmed that it will be released at some point this year. The official website of the studio does not confirm that it will be translated into Spanish, although there are still languages to be announced in the future.

We do not know if there will be any publisher in charge of the distribution of the game; probably later we will know more about it and its development, although the influences are clear: from The Legend of Zelda or even going through the fights against giant creatures as in Shadow of the Colossus.

Mike Laidlaw founded Yellow Brick Games in the middle of the pandemic year, having left Bioware years earlier and after working on a role-playing game that was cancelled and never announced by Ubisoft. From there, he took part of the team that worked with the creative and after almost 4 years of work it seems that we will finally see his next work; hopefully sooner rather than later.