Ubisoft could develop Splinter Cell Remake in secret

Ubisoft could be developing Splinter Cell Remake in secret. A new version of the legendary stealth game Splinter Cell that so enamored fans of secret warfare. Splinter Cell is considered to this day one of the best action and stealth titles in the history of video games.

Why do we say that Ubisoft could secretly develop a Splinter Cell Remake? Well, a strange move by the company has put us on this clue. It all stems from a post on “X” in which a very interesting image has appeared.


Ubisoft Toronto would have changed its Facebook header, ie the background image that is displayed on the profile on the social network of Meta. In this capture appear the lights of the night vision helmet of Sam Fisher, the protagonist of Splinter Cell.

In fact the image has been so controversial that there are currently thousands of people talking about it.