Twitch raises prices this 2024: Everything you need to know if you are a streamer or subscriber

Twitch raises prices this 2024. As tragic as it may seem, the purple platform has wanted to give a new spike in prices and subscriptions, increasing them by the end of this year. A move that has not gone unnoticed and that has both subscribers and streamers with the “soul in suspense”.

And we are not exaggerating. Many are the fans who want to contribute with their money to the content of their favorite digital creators. And these, in many cases, live entirely from it. So the subscription price increase may shift the balance towards a greater balance on Twitch, or that chaos spreads a little more by the leading platform for live content worldwide.

The CEO of the purple platform has confirmed this hike officially recently:

Dan Clancy has let it be known that the price hike will take place at the end of 2024. While this increase has already occurred in some countries, it will continue to be extended to the rest. The aim of this price increase, according to Twitch, is for creators to earn more money with the platform.

At the moment we do not know which countries will be affected by this increase and if it will be done gradually or all at once. More details will be announced in the future. So if you are a streamer you have two options:

  1. Prepare to lose subscribers due to the increase (as some fans will not want to invest more money supporting the content).
  2. Keep them and consequently earn more money (same subscribers and more money per subscription).

While if you are a subscriber you will have to prepare your pocket because the level 1 subscription will increase in price during this year. Don’t forget to leave your opinion in comments.