Turtle Beach Stealth Ultra controller review. The ultimate Xbox controller is here

When it comes to controllers, there are countless brands, models, designs and sizes. Turtle Beach knows this and that’s why they are always looking to go one step further with their products to differentiate themselves from the rest. Their latest creation is here, we have already tested it, and we bring you this review of the Turtle Beach Stealth ultra controller so you can discover all the improvements that come with it.

The new Stealth Ultra is designed to deliver tremendous performance in both normal and more professional games. It comes with a lot of additions that can make it, and in fact for me it is, one of the best controllers ever designed for Xbox, as its connectivity and customizability elevate it above most current controllers.

Turtle Beach Stealth Ultra controller review

The classic design but with interesting new features

We will begin this review by commenting on the design that characterizes the Stealth Ultra, as it combines a classic style of buttons with a new way of understanding the spaces between them. On this occasion, the menu, view and share buttons have been moved to make room for a 1.5-inch screen from which we can configure practically everything the controller has to offer.

So we have an arrangement of asymmetrical joysticks, a metallic colored crosshead, triggers and top buttons and 4 configurable rear buttons that we will talk about later. It has a 3.5mm Jack connection for our headphones and has been designed to offer maximum grip thanks to its non-slip rubber areas, both in grip and in the Joysticks themselves.

Everything is framed in a futuristic and striking design with gray and black colors that are accompanied by the lighting that incorporates both grips and screen. Turtle Beach has thought of this controller so that you do not have to leave it even to read whatsapp messages, since the connections and possibilities of the Stealth Ultra are not just play and go.

Connect wherever and whenever you want

One of the greatest virtues that incorporates the Stealth Ultra is clearly its variety of options when connecting our controller to our console, Android phone or PC. Obviously the USB-C cable connection offers us the greatest convenience, but this time we can connect it to our console, mobile or PC via Bluetooth, being able to quickly switch or be connected more than one device at a time.

This multiple connection offers us the possibility that while we are playing we can change the customization profile of the controller from our smartphone or PC thanks to the Turtle Beach application. We will be able to choose one of the 10 profiles that we can configure to our liking, modifying the lighting, volume of the headphones or the sensitivity of the joysticks among others.

In addition, thanks to its low latency we will not notice that we are connected via Bluetooth. But undoubtedly, one of the functions that most caught my attention is the social function of the controller, which allows us to read Whatsapp messages directly on the screen of the controller, not having to be stopping at every moment when we are playing and chatting with someone.

A single controller designed for everything

Another thing that becomes clear to us when we have the Stealth Ultra in our hands is that its weight and design make it pleasant to the touch and does not become heavy after a few hours of play. Its quick-press buttons, non-slip joysticks and precision crosshead ensure that everything is under control at all times, and can be changed in the middle of a game if desired.

We can shorten the displacement of the triggers, as well as configure its rear buttons so that we can clone almost any button on the controller for our convenience. We have missed the ability to clone the R3 and L3 buttons on the joysticks, something that always adds up as these buttons are so conflicting when playing. However, it is a lesser evil and everything else makes up for it.

Similarly, its 30h battery life will allow us to play without having to be aware of how much battery is left or if we will reach the end of our playing time. Once we have to charge it, we will only have to leave it on its built-in charging base and ready, when we need it, it will be fully charged again for another session of frenetic gameplay.

Because if anything has become clear to me after a few days of using the Stealth Ultra is that I am facing one of the best controllers I’ve tried, not only at the level of control or everyday use, but in terms of possibilities and features available. Without a doubt, Turtle Beach has designed a great controller and wanted to accompany it with the best possible features, and they have certainly succeeded with flying colors.

The best of Turtle Beach is in the Stealth Ultra

To conclude this review of the Turtle Beach Stealth Ultra controller, we can only comment on Turtle Beach’s own applications and features, such as Superhuman Hearing and its exclusive audio advantages that allow us to connect any device and enhance the audio experience without having to do anything more than connect, turn on and enjoy.

So the only thing left to tell you about the Stealth Ultra is that it is highly recommended, even taking into account its high price, which places it among the most expensive on the market, but it does leave that feeling that it is worth every euro we have paid for it. Undoubtedly, this is one of the best controllers ever created for Xbox and it shows from the first moment we touch it.

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