Toyotaro’s great tribute to Toriyama that fans have fallen in love with

The world of anime and manga has been able to witness these days Toyotaro’s great tribute to Toriyama, and the truth is that fans have been delighted with the incredible tribute that the successor of Toriyama‘s masterpiece, wanted to give to the father of Dragon Ball and many other series in the world of anime and manga.

In fact, 3 special illustrations have been published this April in which Toyotaro’s tribute to Toriyama has been more than evident. We leave you the designs of the Dragon Ball manga below:

Gran homenaje de Toyotaro a Toriyama que ha enamorado a los fans

Arale, Dr Slump and Dub & Peter are the designs that we can see in this tribute that Toyotaro has made to Toriyama. These illustrations are nothing more than a wink as a tribute to all the work of Akira Toriyama over the years.

Although covering with a few drawings all the legacy that the mangaka has left, it would be very little compared to everything he has left us these decades.