Three of the games shown at Future Games Show will launch on Xbox Game Pass


Although AAA titles are the major productions of the electronic entertainment industry and the ones that usually monopolize the most relevant events, there are always spaces in which independent titles receive their interest. This is the case of Future Games Show, an event that has several editions every year and that has reappeared in the spring of 2024 to show a good assortment of games.

In the last edition, Future Games Show revealed numerous indie titles for Xbox that you have to see. The total list was more than forty, but for you to take note, we wanted to put the focus on three of them, as they will be available from day one in the Xbox Game Pass catalog. Let&;s take a look at them.

Launch: April 16, 2024

Harold Halibut is a captivating narrative experience that immerses you in life aboard a mothership trapped in an alien ocean. As Harold, a young lab assistant, you will explore the complex relationships among the colorful passengers of the Fedora I. While the chief scientist, Jeanne Mareaux, desperately searches for a way off the planet, Harold embarks on a thrilling journey that leads him to discover a whole new world. Immerse yourself in this exotic, retro-futuristic setting and accompany Harold on his search for the true meaning of &;home&;.

Release: June 18, 2024

The Chinese Room, a studio known for its narrative horror games, presents an offshore oil rig during a fierce storm in the North Sea. With no communication and no way out, you must face an unknown terror. Featuring an authentic cast of Scottish actors, the immersive narrative has you fighting for survival as you explore flooded corridors and storm-tossed decks. With no weapons or powers, you rely on your wits to escape. The experience immerses you in the terror and tension of the unknown, where every sound in the night is a threat.

Release: Summer 2024

Join the ultimate battle in a new open-world action RPG, pitting gods against firearms. When the Gate to the Great Below opens, the armies of Death invade the lands of Kian, and the Coalition must resist. Play as Nor Vanek, an elite warrior, and travel with the enigmatic Enki to the City of Dawn, facing dangers at every step. Master a complex combat system that combines axe, firearms and magic to become the assassin of gods. Explore an open world and assemble a team for the ultimate siege against the gods.