This would be the fusion of Bulma and Videl in Dragon Ball Z, the most intelligent warrior of the series.


Dragon Ball Z has always left us with truly spectacular scenes, and some of them are starred by moments in which our favorite warriors merged, giving rise to characters like Vegeto, Gogeta or Gotenks. However, the world of fusion in Dragon Ball has always gone much further, especially as far as the fandom is concerned, which has always sought to create the most unlikely fusions of the franchise. Now, a user has imagined how would be the merger of Bulma and Videl, the wives of Vegeta and Gohan.

Specifically, it has been the user lokpolymorfa who, through his Reddit account, has shared this fanart of the fusion of Bulma and Videl, which shows how he has imagined this merger would be, with a style that would mix the hair colors of both characters, but maintaining an appearance that is highly reminiscent of Gohan’s wife.

As铆 ser铆a la fusi贸n de Bulma y Videl en Dragon Ball Z

This is the appearance of a hypothetical fusion of Bulma and Videl.

According to the user, the name of this fusion would be Vilma. As we have commented, her appearance would be quite similar to Videl’s, although with the difference that the right half of her hair would feature Bulma’s characteristic blue. The most important thing about this fusion would be the balance that would be formed between the two, since Videl is characterized by being a good fighter (although she decided to retire early), while Bulma is one of the most intelligent characters in all of Dragon Ball Z.

We will never know what master Akira Toriyama’s vision of a hypothetical merger between these two characters would have been like, due to his sad passing a few weeks ago. However, the master of Japanese manga already delighted us a few years ago with Dragon Ball Fusions, a game that allowed the possibility of merging dozens of characters from the franchise, with many designs made by Toriyama himself, with characters like Pandel, the fusion of Videl and her daughter Pan.