This would be one of the most beastly features of the PS5 Pro following a latest rumor

The PS5 Pro is on the lips of thousands these days. Especially after Sony&;s statements and its sharp loss in stock market value. In fact, a latest leak would have uncovered what would be a beastly feature of the new version of Sony&;s console.

The resolution that could reach the PS5 Pro has surprised a lot after the latest report of one of the juiciest leaks we have had of the new version of the console in recent days. We would be talking about the new console being able to support up to 120fps in native 4K.

Something we have not seen in any other hardware in the console market today.

This would undoubtedly be a great incentive for many gamers to take the leap to the next version of PS5, and encourage them to try the new hardware specifications first hand. Of course, this information is not official so it should be treated as a rumor.

So we invite you to leave your opinion in comments and open a debate about whether or not these specs are realistic.

Source: Moore&;s Law is Dead