This week in GTA Online, bonus Motor Wars events, drift races, animal photography and much more


There may be many citizens of the city of Los Santos who are looking to get better rewards to earn more money or reputation. Well this week in GTA Online there are many activities in which you can get bonuses in their rewards, which again highlight events related to cars. Although they are starring two very different events, such as sowing chaos or control skidding.

Motor Wars events or drifting events offer during this week double GTA$ and RP. With this you can imagine that you will be able to add a lot of money for whatever you need. Although it is not the only thing that brings a better reward.

Esta semana en GTA Online, se bonifican los eventos de Motor Wars, las carreras de drift, fotografía animal y mucho más 45

This week in GTA Online, there are bonuses for Motor Wars events, drift races, animal photography and much more.

Plus, if you complete the Animal Photography challenge you’ll receive the free Pet Detective outfit while enjoying the great outdoors, plus double the rewards this week. So if you are not into driving and going to the mountains and taking pictures motivates you, this week will bring you a double benefit that adds to the satisfaction of achieving it. Among other activities, we find that the junkyard is looking for three specific models, the Willard Eudora, the Truffade Z-Type and the Dewbauchee Vagner. In addition, the scrapyard this week is offering a25% discount on all upgrades and modifications.

Racing modifications, where you have the new LS Car Meet reward, where if you make it to the podium in the LS Car Meet series for two days in a row you can get the Vapid Winky. Also, this week you can test three cars at the LS Car Meet, namely the Annis S80RR, Benefactor Schafter LWB and Grotti Cheetah. And to put a bit of an end to the rewards and gifts, we have the grand prize of the roulette, which is the HVY Nightshark, or the HSW premium test vehicle, which is the armed Pegassi Ignus.

Obviously, as every week, other types of promotions are offered, which while not for more money, offers other items in the form of rewards or discounts so that you do not spend so much. You can get the HVY T-shirt for free when you buy the HVY APC, the HVY Insurgent van or the HVY Chernobog, which are also offered with a 40% discount this week. Discounts that are expanded by other businesses, where we find in the dealership Premium Luxury Automobiles of Simeon, examples such as the Benefactor Stirling GT, the Canis Seminole Frontier, the Western Cliffhanger, the Hijak Ruston and the Western Rat Bike. In Luxury Autos, we find the Albany Cavalcade XL and the Fathom FR36.

Leaving aside everything related to vehicles, always protagonists in Los Santos, we also have other promotions in other stores, as is the case of the mobile arsenal, with a 30% discount on the sliding shotgun and 30% discount on the precision rifle for members of GTA+. And precisely these GTA+ Premium members have that week succulent rewards. They will receive free Pfister 811 from the Vinewood car club dealership, as well as St. Patrick’s Day clothing, new chameleon paints, 50% more GTA$ and RP on original beat ’em up endings, plus the usual 500,000GTA$ payout.

Esta semana en GTA Online, se bonifican los eventos de Motor Wars, las carreras de drift, fotografía animal y mucho más 47

This week in GTA Online is well loaded with activities and opportunities, as usual and reports the Rockstar blog,