This Super Nintendo that was on for more than 20 years has an epic history

This Super Nintendo console is the protagonist of our random and shocking event of the day. And yes, it is a well-known story, but it is worth reliving it from time to time. In fact, what made this console so famous was the fact that it remained on for more than 20 years.

Disconnecting from the mains only a couple of times during all its long and &;prosperous&; electronic life. In fact, this event was so shocking that many media in the past, echoed this mythical &;feat&; in the legacy of Super Nintendo consoles.

This is the story of user Wanikun. A Japanese guy who kept his Umihara Kawase game for Super Nintendo on for 2 decades. And he only turned it off in one exception: when he moved house. And he was afraid that, by doing this, his progress in his most mythical games would be lost forever.

Esta Super Nintendo que estuvo encendida durante más de 20 años y su historia es épica

To this day we do not know if the console remains on or not, but what is certain is that this epic is worthy of being remembered periodically. As the fruit of the love of an unconditional fan, and the strength of a console like the Super Nintendo.

If it were still on today (taking into account that this news was from 2015), then it would have been almost 30 years without being turned off.