This PlayStation DualSense patent would make it easier for people with disabilities to play the game

This patent for the PlayStation DualSense controller would greatly change the experience of thousands of people with gaming difficulties. Improving accessibility in video games and adapting them to a whole spectrum of people with certain disabilities.

The DualSense controller could improve accessibility by telling players which buttons to press at certain points during a game. The interest in improving accessibility in video games is something that has marked many companies in recent years.

Esta patente del DualSense de PlayStation facilitaría el juego a personas con dificultades

This series of new features will help the player to better connect with the game through new adaptive trigger functions and haptic feedback with the use of a vibration system totally subject to the environment and the game.

In addition, this PlayStation DualSense patent would be based on automatic learning that will constantly analyze the user&;s behavior in games, the buttons they use the most and will also help us detect if we are having problems in solving any level in games.

In addition, it will also have an illumination system that will run through the joysticks, triggers and touch screen of the controller. These patents often do not end up becoming something real, so we will have to follow this Sony project very closely.