This Palworld player has lost a lot of money after the latest game update

Palworld has recently been updated to the latest version, and while there has been some mild controversy surrounding the patch data, what has caught the most attention these past few hours has been what has happened to a Palworld player. One who has seen how he has been left without much money after the implementation of the update.

Remember that Palworld is still in early access and it is normal that errors of all kinds can arise in our gaming experience, despite the patches or updates that are incorporated. We leave you our complete guide to Palworld with more tips and tricks.

😭 When you couldn’t play before update… 😭
byu/tosimmon12 inPalworld

As we can see, this player had collected a lot of nails, which is one of the best selling materials in the game. Willing to sell it later for a large amount of gold coins. However, after the update, there was a change in this regard.

And what would have been 54,394,560 gold coins, ended up being only 6,799,320. So in itself the update has not brought an error, it was simply an adjustment in the value of the title’s item market. What do you think?