This Palworld base is built between two waterfalls and can hold more than 40 Pals.

If there is one thing that Palworld has, it is that the magic of its world has allowed it to build a community of millions of players. In fact, the secret to Pocket Pair &;s success is based on listening to the community and giving them what they ask for week after week.

If you are enjoying the game or taking your first steps we invite you to join the complete Palworld guide with all the tips and tricks, as well as take a look at this amazing Palworld base build that one player has made.

And which allows you to house over 40 Pals in total, that&;s not counting the site it&;s built on.

140 Hrs Of Palworld. Base 90% Complete.
byu/Rumakian inPalworld

If we scroll through the images shared in the post on Reddit, we can see authentic architectural figures that have left us perplexed. And it seems that the creativity of Palworld players and their bases has no limits.

Causing us to see from time to time creations as spectacular as this one, which seems to be taken from the developers of the game. In fact the base is huge and allows this player to shelter dozens of Pals. Incredible, don&;t you think? Let us know what you think.