This One Piece character is one of the most beloved by fans, and now he’s getting his own novel.


One Piece is one of the best works we can find in the manga world. Since Eiichiro Oda began with its publication back in mid-1997, the series has had several adaptations, both to real life and to the world of anime, and has shown truly incredible stories of each of its characters. However, and as has already happened with some of the characters of One Piece, the mangaka has announced that one of them will receive a novel of his own soon.

We are talking about Roronoa Zoro, the famous swordsman who accompanies Luffy and the rest of the crew in the search for the One Piece. As you will know if you have followed the work, Zoro intends to become the best swordsman in the world, or at least that is what we are told from the first moment he appears in the series. Well, the new novel that Oda will make about the character will delve into how the swordsman was before meeting Luffy.

Roronoa Zoro - personaje de One Piece

Roronoa Zoro is the One Piece character who will star in the new novel.

As it already happened with novels like Ace’s, this novel will be published little by little in the different issues of One Piece Magazine, to be later compiled and released in the usual format. The first chapter is scheduled for June 4 in Japan, and we still do not know if there will be any way to read the translation into our language in a legal way. What is almost certain, however, is that we will have to wait quite some time to have the novel of this One Piece character on the shelves in our country.

At the moment, not many details have been revealed about what we can expect from the plot of this new novel, although it has been advanced that it will reveal one of the mysteries of Zoro’s lineage, of which Oda already showed several details in the original work. In addition, the good news for anime fans is that it has been confirmed that this novel will receive its corresponding adaptation in the future, in the form of a special chapter.