This offer from Rockstar Games sets GTA 6 in early 2025: All the official details here.

It seems like we&;re dreaming it, but no, it&;s real. An alleged offer from Rockstar Games places GTA 6 at the beginning of 2025. Something that many could have theorized so far, but with the information that has reached us today, it takes steps to be shaping up as an official release window.

And if we add to this the changes in Rockstar&; s work policy these days, and the fear of some workers to the &;laborcrunch &;, then we would already have the &;red carpet&; ready for the next release of GTA 6.

We still don&;t have an exact date officially marked on the calendar, but we do have the year: 2025. This offer from Rockstar Games places GTA 6 in early 2025.

Rockstar localisation job position might suggest that GTA VI will be released in the next 12 months.
byu/TwistLT inGTA6

In fact in this post on Reddit the topic has been discussed very closely. And is that after a job offer from Rockstar Games, we can intuit that the game would be released within 12 months from now. So the game would be out by early 2025 presumably.

The offer is:

  • Russian localization tester for the Russian localization of the game.
  • The job is valid for a total of 12 months from the time of posting.
  • The job requires active availability, and the ability to check what the game needs to be improved in its Russian localization.

We are definitely in the final stages of development, and it seems that early 2025 will be the theoretical release window for GTA 6 by Rockstar Games. What do you think?