This new Sony patent will be able to detect your emotions when you play a game

The PlayStation and Sony universe is full of surprises. So much so, that it seems that the company has patented a special electronic device that will allow us to measure our emotions while we are playing. A technology never seen before that has caught many by surprise.

This new Sony patent would therefore be able to know when we are bored, when we are stressed, when we are happy and so on. And adapt the experience accordingly according to our emotions of the moment. Sony is planning in a premeditated way a new patent that in fact has been published recently.

Among the company&;s plans is this gadget that would allow games to understand and respond to our feelings in real time. A concept that sounds futuristic but is perhaps closer than we thought.

Esta nueva patente de Sony podrá detectar tus emociones cuando juegues

The patent is called &;Player selection system and method&;. An advanced system that will monitor our biometrics and behavior to customize our gaming experience according to what we need.

It is speculated that the PlayStation and Sony VR glasses system, will take great advantage of this new mechanism that aims to revolutionize the video game industry in such a way that we will be shocked. It would be something never seen before. In addition, this system would study the data of pupil dilation and eye movement.

All this to reveal our emotions (anger, anguish, joy, etc.).