This new free update for Spider-Man 2 is sweeping fans thanks to this new game mode

This new free update of Spider-Man 2 is sweeping among fans, and it is not for less since it is one of the most important that has received the Insomniac Games game since it was released on PS5. And that actually adds many claims that fans asked for.

New game modes, features, various novelties and costumes that we can not ignore. Patch 1.002 is sweeping among fans and lovers of our good friend and neighbor Spider-Man. So here we leave you the most important details of the new free update of Spider-Man 2:

Marvel's Spider-Man 2: Este bug nos da un

New Game+ (NG+) features.

  • Ultimate Levels: go beyond the base game level cap in NG+.
  • Note: Ultimate levels are NOT tied to any difficulty.
  • Symbiote costume styles: unlock new story symbiote costume styles through max level progression
  • Golden Gadget Styles: upgrade your gadgets with exclusive golden looks
  • Suit Tech Fusion: unlock both perks in a shared Suit Tech space
  • PlayStation Trophy Unlock a new trophy for completing the story on NG+

Additional features

  • Mission replay: replay *that* mission (and many others) as much as you want now
  • Time of day: change the time of day after the game through the ‘Game’ settings
  • Tendril colors: change the color of the symbiote’s tendril in post-game through the ‘Game’ settings
  • Photo mode – Action figure mode: reduce the scale of the characters to take pictures.
  • Photo Mode – Stickers: Decorate your photos with new stickers
  • Hellfire Gala Costumes: Two new costumes inspired by Hellfire Gala designs were added.
  • Gameheads Fly N’ Fresh Suit Pack: Two new outfits for Peter and Miles, plus Photo Mode content.

All information has been extracted from the official Spider-Man 2 patch details, and translated for our readers.

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