This Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 costume hides a terrifying secret that has been spreading like wildfire

If there’s one thing Insomniac Games‘ latest game has, it’s an incredible and spectacular variety of costumes. From some simple designs, to others that are a prodigy of technology and craftsmanship. There are costumes for all tastes, colors and flavors in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

However, there is one outfit that is very different from the others. We are talking about the Superior Spider-Man costume that has a unique detail absent in the rest of the costumes. So if you want to know what we are talking about, here are all the facts:

It’s not Peter
byu/QuboidYT inSpidermanPS4

And we’re not talking about the suit itself having something different from the others in terms of playable capabilities in Insomniac‘s title, we’re talking about something much more sinister. In the history of the comics, we know that such a suit is the one worn by a character capable of taking over Spider-Man’s body.

Marvel timeline with all the series and movies.

So in essence, this would not be the real Peter. In fact it’s the only suit of all the ones we can unlock, that is FIXEDLY LOOKING at the camera. And he doesn’t have the same position in the image as the others. The community seems to have noticed this, leaving a comment that sums up the general feeling of the fans perfectly:

Well, this is definitely not creepy at all.” Said in an ironic tone, obviously.