This is the true origin of Sasuke in Naruto

Masashi Kishimoto, creator of “Naruto“, revealed that Sasuke almost didn’t exist in the anime. Initially, Kishimoto envisioned Naruto as a simple cook instead of a ninja with enemies and magical powers. The original idea was based on his one-shot “Karakuri,” which he was not enthusiastic enough about. However, by transforming the story into a plot about ninjas, the rivalry with Sasuke emerged.

The introduction of Sasuke was not initially planned. Kishimoto, after receiving feedback from his editor, Kosuke Yahagi, decided to add a rival for Naruto. Drawing inspiration from the manga “Sasuke” by Sanpei Shirato and the fictional ninja Sarutobi Sasuke, Kishimoto created the character of Sasuke Uchicha, copying the “Karakuri” outfit.

The original idea was to introduce Sasuke as a villain after the first two episodes, reserving that time exclusively for Naruto. However, Sasuke’s fate changed, and Kishimoto opted to make him a protagonist instead of a secondary character. This decision allowed both characters to grow together.