This is the tiny size of Persona 3 Reload, which can now be pre-downloaded on Xbox


One of the big releases that Xbox Game Pass subscribers are eagerly awaiting is Persona 3 Reload. The JRPG from Atlus and SEGA will hit the market next February, just after both Persona 3 Portable and Persona 4 Golden are no longer available in the catalog of Microsoft’s video game subscription service.

Specifically, the game will be available next February 2. However, although there is still almost a month left for its release, we already have the possibility to pre-download the game, which has served to know what will be the size of Persona 3 Reload, and the hard disk space that we will have to reserve for the game.

The size of Persona 3 Reload is much smaller than expected

As we can see in the Tweet shared by @MondoXboxEsp, the size of Persona 3 Reload will be only 20.38 GB. This is a far cry from what we have become accustomed to seeing in recent years, where rare is the game that does not reach at least 50 GB of storage, making the Atlus game a rara avis with respect to what we can find today on the market.

It should be remembered that this download size is the one presented by the game without its day one patch, so it is possible that, as the release date approaches, it will be increased by several GB. However, it would be strange if it grew enough to reach the figures that we usually see in the latest titles that reach the market.

We do not know the reasons why the size of Persona 3 Reload is so small, but most likely it is because the video and audio scenes of the game will not have a great weight, this being the element that most often enlarge the space occupied by video games, possibly justified in its anime design.