This is the MSI Claw, the MSI handheld console that comes to compete with Steam Deck


Since Valve surprised everyone with the launch of Steam Deck, handheld consoles have regained a popularity that seemed lost years ago. In fact, apart from Nintendo’s models, no company had dared to try to compete against the Japanese until Valve did it a couple of years ago. Of course, once the ban was opened, many companies have joined to try to fight with Steam’s console, as for example has happened in the last hours with MSI Claw, the last portable console that has been presented.

The presentation of this console has not been a surprise, since the existence of MSI Claw had been leaked a few hours before the company made its announcement official. In terms of design, the console is considerably reminiscent of that seen in the ASUS ROG Ally, although this time MSI has been somewhat more striking with the design of its keypad, as it has incorporated LED lights in the joy-sticks, as well as the ability to change the color of the main buttons of the device.

Learn all about the MSI CLAW, the new Steam Deck’s rival.

At the power level, MSI Claw will be the most powerful console on the market in its sector, thanks to the new Intel Core Ultra, which presents two different models: the 5 135H, or the 7 155H. This processor is above those seen in the competition, considerably outperforming Steam Deck, as well as ASUS ROG Ally. What will have to be seen is how the device’s low-power TDP behaves, since despite the device’s 53 Wh battery, these will be crucial in determining how much we will be able to use the console without needing a charger. MSI is talking about 2 hours of use at maximum charge, although this remains to be seen.

In terms of storage, the console will have several options, up to a maximum of 1 TB PCIe Gen 4. In addition, like the other competitors, it will also have support for microSD cards, so we can expand its available space easily. What stands out is its screen, since MSI has opted directly for incorporating an OLED panel with 1080p resolution, making use of IPS technology. Thanks to this, the console will be able to offer a refresh rate of up to 120 Hz, thus improving on what has been seen in Valve’s handheld.

The MSI Claw does not yet have an official release date, although there is talk of a launch before the first half of the year. What we do know is its price, which will start at 699 or 799 US dollars, with the possibility of a slight increase in Europe.