This is Abathor, a Spanish arcade that already has a demo on Steam and will be released soon on Xbox


With this incredible artistic presentation that you have in the image of the news is presented Abathor, an Arcade action videogame made in 2D with graphics of generation between 8 bits and 16 bits, whose artistic style reminds a little to the art of Frank Frazetta with his works (including Conan), and also to Boris Vallejo with the art he did for Golden Axe and its covers since the release of the first videogame in 1989.

In Abathor we will be part of a group of heroes and warriors as in the classic Arcades so popular in the 16-bit era, where we can also play cooperatively with three more friends, advancing through various and varied scenarios being the last bastion of defense of Atlantis. Abathor promises great quality at all levels, managing to condense in a single trailer all the virtues it offers.

The videogames being developed in Spain are of all kinds, such as the adventure game Las Aventuras de el Halcón Negro (The Adventures of the Black Hawk ) that we commented a few days ago. Other great video games like Crossing Souls, Rise and Shine, RiMe and more, are video games of great quality.

You can discover for yourself how Abathor plays and looks in real time thanks to the Steam demo that you can download now. The video game according to what we have been able to test and evaluate in the trailer seems to have constant challenges, being a rather difficult video game, also this works as a tribute to the 8/16 bits generation, and will certainly lengthen the duration of the game when we propose to make 100% of achievements for any of its platforms. You can follow the game&;s official account on X (Twitter) right here.

Although there is no tab on Xbox right now, you can add it to the wishlist on Steam.