This free Steam game allows us to record moments of terror

This free Steam game is sweeping and allows us to record authentic moments of terror that will not go unnoticed at all. Valve’ s platform once again gives us an incredible title completely free of charge.

Content Warning is a game that has just been released and is sweeping Steam with thousands of extremely positive reviews. And its creators wanted to celebrate its release on April 1, 2024 by making the game free on Steam.

Theoretically the game was no longer available for free from April 2, so you have a few hours left to claim it for free. Are you up for it?

In this game you will have to record your friends doing crazy and very funny things, with the goal of recording viral horror moments. Because yes, your goal will be to become famous and viral by making unique content. A game that will scare you and entertain you like no other.

Take advantage of the free promotion offer and claim this free Steam game for a limited time . Remember that the game will cost 7,49€ at the moment the offer ends.