This Fortnite player gives us an amazing open-world map

This Fortnite player wanted to give us a perfect look at an open world map that has left more than one person speechless. And is that while Fortnite has an incredible creation system and a very active community, we had never seen anything like this before.

In fact the open world map that this player has created covers all the locations that we have seen in the game with the passage of the seasons and the various chapters that the Epic Games franchise has been facing over the years.

Fortnite open world map “concept
byu/Kitchen-Bird382 inFortNiteBR

In fact the map is nothing more than a concept and we have not yet been lucky enough to see it in the game world. In the shared image we can see how each area of the maps we’ve seen in Fortnite has been split up over the years.

The end result has been pretty incredible, and if seen someday in the game engine it will undoubtedly be impressive. In addition to being a real tribute to the legacy that Fortnite has left over time. And is that this Fortnite player has made us think about the vast possibilities of creation that we have in the game.

Would you like to see something like this in the future?