This Dragon Ball fanart imagines what Pan would have looked like as an adult in the 90’s anime.


Dragon Ball has had many characters throughout its history, but the most powerful have always been those who belonged to the lineages of Goku and Vegeta. One of the latest to arrive in Dragon Ball Super has been Pan, Gohan’s daughter and Goku’s granddaughter, who in the last chapter of the manga seems to have proved that she will be the true heir of the protagonist of the series, although for now we have only been able to see her in your child stage.

In DB GT we had the chance to see Pan in action, despite the fact that Toei Animation’s work is not part of the official canon of the franchise. However, in that work we did not have the opportunity to see the young Saiyan in her adult form, something that a user has just made possible thanks to a spectacular fanart that shows a design of Pan as an adult as if she were taken from the anime of the 90s.

Pan de adulta

This is what Pan would look like as an adult in Dragon Ball

Specifically, it has been the artist salvamakoto through devianart who has shared this drawing in which he has imagined how Pan would have been as an adult. As it happened with the fanart that we could see how would have been the fusion of Videl and Bulma, it has been thanks to the creation of a fan that we have been able to see this fantastic design, which respects perfectly the style of drawing that Dragon Ball presented in the 90s.

In the image we can see Pan as an adult preparing to fight in a martial arts tournament, something that the young girl has always shown to be fascinated by. The artwork keeps Pan’s features intact, being a really believable version of how she could have looked like at the beginning of her adult stage if DB GT had continued its broadcast.

In this image, Pan is wearing short hair and an expression of real determination, which would come to show that he would be about to fight someone. In addition, he wears a red dougi in honor of his grandfather.