This clip from Kung Fu Panda 4 has left us stunned and you can watch it now here

This clip of Kung Fu Panda 4 has already given us an exclusive glimpse of a small portion of what awaits us in the animated film that has made the entire animated film industry “shake” in this 2024.

And with the year just begun, we have been able to have the delight of witnessing the resurgence of a saga that has risen like the phoenix, and that will hit theaters in Spain this March 8, 2024. The iconic return of this DreamWorks Animation franchise after 8 years, leaves us eager to know in more detail what awaits us these weeks.

And that’s not all, as author David Cruz has picked up, Universal Pictures has shared another interesting clip from the film that awaits us all with open arms in a matter of weeks. You will be able to see it in its original news linked in the author’s name. To brighten up the wait, we recommend you to check out our special articles about Kung Fu Panda at:

We encourage you to leave in comments what you expect from this movie and everything you think we will end up getting these days of interesting and juicy information about the new from Universal in theaters. We, for our part, will try to give you the most updated info on the saga.