This Call of Duty 2024 leak would be connected to the return of Black Ops in the form of alleged merchandising

This Call of Duty 2024 leak is very closely connected to the Black Ops line of games that CoD fans have become so enamored with over the years. While this is a leak and has to be treated as such, we don&;t rule out that the CoD launching this year will rescue elements of Black Ops or even be within this line of games.

The arrival of Black Ops on current generation consoles is shrouded in mystery, as many do not know if we will finally see the title at its best after a few years of ups and downs. And after this recent leak, it looks like we have more juicy details:

The CoD Black Ops logo could be changed to better fit the current CoD brand. While it could just be a clothing design, it&;s curious that it&;s being announced and unveiled just as a new CoD is coming out this year that many say will be set in the Gulf War.

At the moment we have neither confirmation nor Activison has come out to deny this theory. What do you think?

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