They were fired by Embracer Group, and now they are helping InXile: Shapeshifter Games joins the development of Clockwork Revolution


It is not at all surprising that studios require help from other external parties during the development of big AAA games. Without going any further, when it comes to Xbox exclusives it is something we can see today with works such as Perfect Dark, which counts with Crystal Dinamics as support team; or with Eidos on Fable. Now, a new Xbox exclusive will receive help from an external studio, as has been made official in the last few hours. We are referring to Clockwork Revolution.

The game with steampunk aesthetics was officially announced during the Xbox Game Showcase 2023 held last summer, and has the team of InXile Entertainment as the main developers of the project. However, in the last hours the studio itself has confirmed that it will receive the support of another team, more specifically the one formed by Shapeshifter Games.

Shapeshifter Games will help inXile Entertainment in the development of Clockwork Revolution.

This studio is formed by some of the veterans of the Saints Row saga, as most of them were members of Volition, the studio that was in charge of the development of the franchise, and which was abruptly closed by Embracer Group just a few months ago. The decision was taken after the Swedish conglomerate entered a deep crisis, which even today continues to affect other teams, and could end up causing the closure of several other studios.

However, the folks at Volition didn’t want to wait to continue working in the industry, and Shapeshifter Games was born. Although currently the team has not announced any projects, it has already been confirmed that they will help inXile Entertainment in the development of Clockwork Revolution. This is undoubtedly a good addition to the project, as the studio’s members are experts in games with large cities, something that looks like it will be a key element in the game.

The announcement was made by inXile’s own account, which stated the following: “New studio Shapeshifter Games, formed by former Volition developers, is working with us to bring Clockwork Revolution to life. Shortly after Volition closed, we flew to Illinois and worked with Xbox and the then-former Volition leadership to bring this new team on board as our development partner. Their extensive industry experience further strengthens our efforts in developing our next project.”