These were Akira Toriyama&;s last official statements before his death

The world of anime and manga is in mourning these days. We have been tragic witnesses of the farewell of a great among greats, the master of manga and who served as inspiration to many other authors over the years. We are talking about Toriyama, mangaka of Dragon Ball among other projects.

These days we have been able to gather what were the last official statements of Akira Toriyama before his death. That is, the last official words Toriyama left in the press before tragically passing away on March 1, 2024.

These statements by Akira Toriyama before his passing occurred on December 14, 2023, where the artist was told that he had received the &;Lifetime Achievement&; award at the Tokyo Anime Award Festival 2024.

He would receive this award between March 8 and 11, 2024.


&;To be honest, I&;ve never had too much interest in anime. Even when my own work received an anime adaptation I didn&;t watch much of it, something I&;m ashamed to admit. I apologize to the staff for that.

About 10 years ago, out of the blue I got a request to revise the script for the new Dragon Ball anime movie, and I also drew some simple designs for the characters and environments. I thought at the time &;I can leave the complicated part to the staff&; (laughs). That&;s why I&;m embarrassed to receive this award at the Tokyo Anime Awards Festival. Thank you very much.

One of the most unforgettable memories I have in the animation field goes back to when I first met Toyo Ashida for a project called &;Kosuke-sama Rikimaru-sama&;, produced by Shonen Jump. Since this project didn&;t have a manga, it was decided to have a meeting about it. (Ashida) was a tremendously friendly person and we quickly forged a good relationship. Every time I saw him draw I was struck by how precise and smooth his style was.

I thought &;Okay, I think I need this kind of touch to speed up the Dragon Ball drawing process and make it much smoother&;. With that, the time spent drawing was reduced by 2/3 of what it used to be. We both influenced each other in many ways, and I think that time was very fulfilling for me. I pray that Ashida-san rests in peace.

Dragon Ball Daima, a project that will see the light of day in 2024, was originally being planned as a series without my involvement, but as I gave advice here and there, I ended up being heavily involved in the project without even realizing it. Not only did I work on the main story, but also on the world creation, character design, mecha and many other aspects. I really hope you enjoy this story, as I think it will not only have a lot of action but also a lot of substance of its own.

In closing, I would love to thank all of you who have followed me so far for your support. I&;m not sure how much more I&;ll be able to do, and I&;m not too confident about my health, probably because of the lifestyle I led when I was younger. Still, I will try my best to create new works that are interesting, so please continue to support me!

We will always have a place for you in our hearts, maestro.