These are the requirements for the new evolution of icons in Ultimate Team

Twitter account @Rickth21 has leaked information about the rumored Icon Evolution in Ultimate Team, including requirements, upgrades and cost. The Evolution would cost 200,000 coins or 1,000 FC Points and would have restrictions such as a maximum average of 89, maximum pace of 86, minimum shot of 78, maximum pass of 91 and maximum physicality of 87.

Upgrades would include a +2 increase in average, +3 in pace, +4 in shooting, +3 in passing, +3 in dribbling, +2 in defense and +3 in physicality. Tikitaka and Primer Toque are also mentioned as new PlayStyles. However, the leaker warns that these characteristics could change, and these restrictions would leave out many Icons, such as defenders and those with pace above 86.

The rarity is specified as “Icon,” suggesting that only basic Icons would be eligible, excluding Dazzling Icons, Centurions and Winter Wildcards. This restriction raises questions about the inclusion of cards like Gullit Winter Wildcards. The leak compares this Evolution to Hero cards during Black Friday.

The leaked information highlights the possible limitation on upgrades and Icon options that could benefit, generating uncertainty about the usefulness of this Evolution and its relationship with existing cards in Ultimate Team.