These are the best manga in the history of the entertainment industry

There are some who prefer to resort to Artificial Intelligence to give answers to questions or unknowns that many fans of the anime world ask themselves daily or from time to time. For example, which are the best manga in history.

A question that would give to raise an eternal debate, but that we and most of the fans are very clear. With annual search data we have in Google, store sales and the impact they have generated not only in Japan or their countries of origin, but internationally.

One Piece: Este es el horario para ver el cap铆tulo 1089 del anime

That is why from Ocio#ParaTi we prefer to stick to something more real instead of looking for answers in AI and we wanted to bring you what for us and for the vast majority of readers, would be the definitive list of the best manga in the history of the entertainment industry:

And these are just some of those that could be embodied in this list. A list of which we ask you some appreciation and respect, and we can always raise a really interesting debate, trying to add new works, looking for common ground and thus building the best list of manga in the history of the entertainment industry.

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