There will be a new Halo game in 2024, but it&;s not what you&;re thinking


Although 343 Industries has not wanted to give much information about the new project associated with the Halo license it is developing, what has been announced is that there will be a new Halo game in 2024. Now, it is not a video game, but a board game that would be producing together with the company Mantic Games. It is not the first time that something like this has come up, we already had it years ago linked to the Halo Reach battles.

What transpires now is that this agreement between 343 Industries and Mantic Games will produce a new Halo game in 2024, and without a specific name has been given, if that points to be a new board game or a new board game, with which fans of the saga can enjoy a very different way.

There will be a new Halo game in 2024, a board game that would see the light in September

The information comes from Mantic Games&; own official website, which announces a partnership with 343 Industries to launch a new Halo miniatures combat game. For now, the plan is to put it in stores in September, and it will probably have the special attraction of being able to stand around a table with the miniatures of the Spartan soldiers .

They are going to try to make this game experience a team combat experience, looking for both newcomers andveterans. &;We are delighted to partner with Mantic Games to bring a new Halo board game to fans in 2024,&; said John Friend, director of Halo and Xbox Consumer Products, and is that &; Mantic is a leader in board games and their quality and experience is reflected in all their work,&; adds the director.

It seems that this partnership to bring a new Halo game in 2024 is something that excites all parties, from Xbox, Mantic as 343 Industries. Particularly striking is how they are able to immerse themselves in this proposal for a tabletop game, ensuring that &;having a shootout on the table while the Spartans move in and out of cover connects players to the action in a new and special way,&; says Rorrie Renton, founder of Mantic Games. To this, he adds that &;we have an exciting and competitive game, from a passionate team of talented sculptors, artists and designers who have been building an incredible Halo experience.&;

If you&;re interested in this product, you&;ll have to wait a little longer. And despite the fact that its release date has been set for September, it will not be until March when more precise information can be given and even enable the reservation for those who are looking for this experience. The truth is that the idea is promising, but it is probably not all we want to know about Halo. We hope that, throughout this year, 343 Industries will be able to provide details on how its next installment is coming to Xbox.