The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live and the new zombies that will change everything

The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live is currently one of the most anticipated spin-offs of 2024. And is that the work will place us again from the perspective of Rick and Michonne, who are two of the protagonists most loved and beloved by the fandom.

But things do not stop there, as it seems that this new mini-series of the TWD universe, will show us a new variant of zombies that will change everything as we know it. 14 years after the beginning of TWD, it seems that we will discover a new version of zombies that will answer some questions and also open many new unknowns.

There are walkers in The Ones Who Live that I hope people haven’t seen before, jokes we haven’t seen before, things that will turn your stomach that you haven’t seen before.”

The series is getting 10 reviews before its premiere.

He left in statements, Scott M. Gimple, director of content for TWD Universe. Let’s look forward to a new story that will put us on a roller coaster of emotions, back and forth, and much more. Do not miss anything in the coming days because things are hot.

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