The success of Helldivers 2 exemplifies how wrong Xbox’s top brass was with Halo


That Helldivers 2 was being a complete success, despite the controversy that has surrounded the game for a week, was something we all knew and that Sony has confirmed in the last few hours. In a call with investors, the Japanese company has confirmed that the Arrowhead Games game has managed to exceed 12 million copies sold, being the fastest selling Sony game in its first weeks on the market.

These data, irremediably, leave us with the feeling of how wrong they were in Xbox with the Halo saga. We are not referring to the fact that both Microsoft and 343 Industries had to change the main Master Chief saga, but to the news that we learned shortly after the release of Helldivers 2, in which it was confirmed that Redmond was considering the possibility of making a game of the Halo saga similar to that of Arrowhead Games.

cosmético de Halo Infinte

343 Industries proposed a Helldivers 2-style Halo and the idea was rejected.

From 343 Industries, they saw enough potential in a PvE experience similar to the one seen in Helldivers 2 to squeeze it into the Halo universe, which would have undoubtedly expanded the richness of the saga, which has not received something really disruptive since Halo Wars 2. However, despite the fact that, as we have seen, the idea had a lot of potential, from the upper echelons of Xbox denied the possibility of carrying out such a project.

With the recent closure of studios like Tango Gameworks, there has been a lot of talk about the lack of vision for video games sometimes held by the upper echelons of companies, especially motivated by the pressure they receive from investors. The same happens with dozens of projects that are out of the classic norm, which prevents them from betting on proposals that could be a breath of fresh air. The case of this hypothetical Halo is just one more of the many we can find in the industry, which today only seeks the highest possible profitability with the lowest risk percentages.