The recent success of the saga allows Fallout Miami mod to reappear after years of absence


We would have to go back years ago to remember the presentation of the Fallout Miami mod. A mod that, in the same way as Fallout London, intended to expand the license to new locations. While the mod set in London is in the news because of the problems that have arisen with the Fallout 4 update, this time we are talking about the opposite.

The creator of this mod has made it clear that he has been motivated by seeing how the license has returned to the trends, either by the TV series, either by the update that has recovered Fallout 4 for current consoles. And to account for its renewed interest, there’s nothing better than releasing a Fallout Miami trailer.

Fallout Miami reappears after years of absence and seems to be looking to finish the project.

And with this trailer published on the channel of the person responsible for this mod that has been adding several episodes through Bethesda’s platform. If we attend to its main website, we can see that there is some content available on both PC and Xbox. And maybe now, turned into DLC to add a story and many missions, Fallout Miami is looking for that motivation to move forward and be able to get more content .

The fact that it is a more concise mod, and divided into parts, may have avoided the problems they have had with Fallout London. A mod that is also attributed with the character of Fallout 4 expansion, but which has wanted to offer itself as a single large mod that looks like a separate game. We echoed this mod that was intended to become a kind of DLC back in 2021, and since then we see that they have published an adventure within this mod, as well as additional content.

Back in 2022, the creator aimed to be able to create something bigger and closer to the concept of a large expansion. In it, a completely new area to explore with an exciting main storyline was raised. In addition, fans will find many additional things such as side quests, equipment, places to live and a lot of interesting characters and friends to meet along the way. In this mod that wants to be recognized as an expansion, players will solve the mystery of some people who mysteriously disappeared. They will also be involved in a big fight between Order and Freedom. And in Fallout Miami, the city will have different parts, each with its own cool locations and situations.

El Ʃxito reciente de la saga permite que el mod de Fallout Miami reaparezca tras aƱos de ausencia 34

Now, the most important of all this is its release. Some may have sensed that, given the circumstances, there is no data that can shed light on when it intends to release this mod that would serve as DLC to boost Fallout 4’s gameplay hours. Between Fallout London and Fallout Miami, Fallout lovers might not be so dependent on Bethesda to resolve when we could have the next episode of the saga. Although right now, it could be a priority given the community’s reception. Should they consider giving more resources to Fallout’s development?