The price of GTA+ is increased significantly and unexpectedly


One of those initiatives that seemed destined to bring Rockstar millions in revenue was the inclusion of GTA+. A subscription that is in the news because the price of GTA+ has been increased in a notable and unexpected way, just when it was starting to be very attractive due to the inclusion of classic games as part of the subscription. Now, this may be the reason why RockstarGames has seen the need to increase its price .

And we always talk about what happens every week in GTA Online, and among the information that is offered, are the bonuses that subscribers receive this service. In recent weeks, it has been offering access to titles such as Red Dead Redemption or the GTA trilogy through it.

El precio de GTA+ se ve incrementado de forma notable, e inesperada

The price of GTA+ has been increased by 30-40%.

And as it has been announced, Rockstar has decided to increase GTA+ rates from €5.99 to €7.99. That’s two euros more per month, which in the case of the UK is an increase somewhat higher than the same increase in its currency. It is therefore an increase of 30-40% in the rate, depending on the market. However, having included a good number of classic Rockstar Games games in this service, allows to maintain the added value offered by the subscription.

We cannot ignore the fact that in addition to these weekly bonuses for GTA Online players, there are games such as Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition and Red Dead Redemption for Xbox and Playstation consoles, which will receive other titles such as LA Noire or Bully throughout the year. Similarly, subscribers can enjoy GTA Liberty City or GTA: Chinatown Wars on Android and iOS. From that moment when the subscription approached this option of adding games, its value was higher and it seems that, for this reason, the price must also be higher .

The truth is that Rockstar Games is trying to manage everything related to GTA as carefully as possible, knowing that the expectation is focused on GTA 6. A game that still has a long way to go until its release and that we will surely find days of great repercussion by official information. However, before that happens all the expectation must be channeled into how great GTA is. Its previous games and the support for GTA Online attract a large number of players every week and this is made worth with this type of initiative.

Perhaps they should evaluate whether it is worth considering longer subscriptions, because currently it can only be renewed month by month.